From Helpdesk Grunt To SCCM Desktop Engineer

The Marathon Begins…

I don’t think I chose application packaging and to be an SCCM Desktop Engineer…it found me when I was making a transition

I grew up somewhere between Thug Street and Nerd Ave. I’m not (and have never been) a thug, but I’m not a standard nerd either.

Growing up…we did things…I did things…but, I always had a different perspective on life. Not better, but different.

Why It’s Bad To Be An Introvert And How To Maintain In An Extroverted World

Being an introvert is easy 🤨

As long as I have time and space to recharge – No problem!

At home, in my personal space – No problem!

Out and about, minding my business – No problem!

Even at a social gathering, where I can work the room a lil and get ghost when I need to recharge – No problem!

When you work in a consulting role and you’re the lead Engineer on a projectBig Problem!

When you have to be in meetings, and…you’re expected to lead the meetingBigger Problem!

This is why it’s bad to be an introvert. When you’re good at something, you’re expected to project that wherever you go…you know…Be EXTROVERTED!

How I Lost 15 Pounds in 15 Months – Part 2

As I was going in circles trying to figure out why I wasn’t even close to reaching my weight loss goal or actually losing any weight at all, I started developing a persistent thought. How come I never feel hungry? Why am I always full and sometimes miserable? At the time, I started a journal and kept track of when I exercised – 120 push ups on this day, 4 miles on that day, 160 mountain climbers the next, etc. The whole first year of keeping this journal didn’t reveal much in the way of why I was still maintaining my current weight but I still remained persistent.