How I Lost 15 Pounds in 15 Months – Part 2

by | Nov 10, 2018 | article | 0 comments

As I was going in circles trying to figure out why I wasn’t even close to reaching my weight loss goal or actually losing any weight at all, I started developing a persistent thought. How come I never feel hungry? Why am I always full and sometimes miserable? At the time, I started a journal and kept track of when I exercised – 120 push ups on this day, 4 miles on that day, 160 mountain climbers the next, etc. The whole first year of keeping this journal didn’t reveal much in the way of why I was still maintaining my current weight but I still remained persistent.

The revelation in all this madness was that I was simply eating too much! At this point, I decided to make a lifestyle change. I resolved to eliminate one meal a day. I figured this would at least give me a 300 – 500 calorie deficit. Combined with my consistent exercise routine, I should start seeing results sooner than later. I would eventually come to realize that it wasn’t about eliminating a meal; it IS about eating LESS.

In the process of implementing this new strategy, I noticed that I was starting to feel hungry again, so I typically only ate when that hunger came around and only ate enough to fill me up. After a couple weeks on my modified routine, I noticed the weight slowly start to decrease ounce by ounce. The first couple of pounds that disappeared I attributed to water weight loss. But when four, five, six pounds magically disappeared, I felt the strategy was working. I was encouraged and hungry. Hungry for more results, hungry for more proof that my strategy was working. So, I kept at it but was conscious not to starve myself for the sake of proving my theory. Then, others starting noticing the transformation.

When you start to lose weight, people become curious and think there’s something wrong. They ask what you’re doing. You end up on the receiving end of a lot of ill-informed statements and questions like:

  • You look different, are you sure you’re eating enough?
  • You must be going to the gym every day!
  • What kind of supplements or dietary aids are you taking?
  • I’ve tried this or that diet and they don’t work!
  • My cousin/sister/friend/whoever did this to lose weight, you should try it!

I was simply eating LESS and wasn’t concerned with whatever life hack other people thought I should try. You have to do what works best for yourself and wish others well on their own personal journey. If somebody was, or is, genuinely interested in my transformation, I tell them I simply shut my mouth and stopped shoving so much into it. But, that doesn’t sound sexy and it doesn’t fit into the common misconceptions about weight loss.

Many people want to hear that you spend hours working out at the gym and you’re taking this herbal supplement or some combination of pills and magic sauce. No! I stopped eating more than my body needs to function and survive. It tells me when it needs nourishment. It tells me when it’s had enough. It tells me it’s thirsty. It tells me when I’m abusing our relationship. And that’s the transformation. I’ve developed a better relationship with my body. I’m still on the journey but I’m better informed to listen to my body and adjust when it tells me it’s had enough.

Now, it’s your turn to rethink your relationship with your body. Are you abusing the relationship? When your body speaks to you, are you listening? I’m not a medical doctor and this isn’t medical advice but there are action items you can implement right now, along with the input of a certified medical practitioner, that will help you recalibrate your relationship with your body and realize the goals you have for your weight loss and ultimately your overall health. You’ve heard about mine, tell me about yours.

Hope this helps.