Mark Crowell


Sometimes we get stuck and need an assist to get going. Your career is no exception. I’ve helped a few people get started in IT, and have helped others advance their careers and find new opportunities.

My focus is on those just getting started or those who have a couple of years of experience. I can help you put together a strategy to get your foot in the door and move up to the next level.

Book a 20-minute Strategy Session and we’ll connect over a Zoom call, talk it out, and put together a game plan for your next move.


I didn’t understand or make the connection that I was an introvert until I was in my 40’s. This revelation was the start of a new journey. This journey forced me to start taking note of the challenges I had to overcome by focusing on what I could control. It also forced me to stop stressing over the extroverted expectations of society.

Here are some of the changes I made as a result:

  • Changed my perspective on life
  • Changed my diet and eating habits
  • Stopped getting into situations that drain my social battery
  • Started getting out and exploring more
  • Started mentoring and coaching
The result of this revelation
The changes I made