What Does It Feel Like To Be An Introvert?

by | Nov 3, 2018 | article | 0 comments

At Home
This is my most spacious comfort zone where I do most of my intellectual heavy lifting. I have all the tools I need to create anything I can imagine in this space. If I want to produce, write, record, mix, and master a song, I do it here. If I want to create an animation, edit a video, practice photography, I do it here. If I want to do nothing but zone out, I do it here.

Obviously, this is the place where I recharge my battery after being beaten down by a gang of questions, and being challenged with a heavy dose of problems to solve outside the comfy confines of my insular comfort zone.

At Work
This is a necessary evil environment where I have to exist in order to maintain my at home comfort zone. A majority of my intellectual challenges can be found in this environment. My title is consultant, contractor, computer guy, or grunt, depending on how condescending you want to be.

Officially, I’m

  • Matlock (figure out what happened so I can piece the story together and come up with a solution/resolution)
  • MacGyver (use whatever scraps of resources I can cobble together to engineer a solution)
  • Fat Albert (conscience and the voice of reason)

all rolled into one techno-geek.

Anything techie, geeky, computer or gadget related I’m responsible for. Hardware, software, phones, the gazillion configurations that make everything work together, and end-users who feel their issue is more important than anyone else’s requires the patience of a monk at a daycare facility.

After 8 hours of wrangling technologies and personalities, my emotional battery is pretty much dead. At this point, I’d rather cut an acre of grass with a manual reel lawn mower than entertain any kind of problem-solving mission.

At A Social Gathering
I don’t do these much. Occasionally, I’ll have to attend a networking event and I’m good for about 30 minutes if I’m engaging in an interesting convo. After that, I’d have to be significantly engaged to stay any longer. I’m not good with small talk and become disinterested fairly quickly.

Engaging with more than two people at a time becomes exhausting and I find myself disengaging and removing myself from the cypher. Often, I’m content with just observing, ear hustling, taking mental notes, and adding relevant or contextual anecdotes when it makes sense.

I’m not shy or antisocial, I just prefer a more intimate environment and interacting with people and conversations I can relate to.